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                  River And Ice Conditions                      

11" to 13" on the lake and 9" on the bay and river ICE CONDITIONS (1-12-16) 11" to 13" on the lake and 9" on the bay and river


The river has been pretty calm this year and current is slow right now.  3/8oz jigs are fine and 2 or 3oz no-rolls are plenty for sturgeon fishing.

Timber Mill Landing is open to ALL boats.  Thank you to Lake of the Woods County for getten that opened up!

Vidas Landing is open to ALL boats this morning.  Big thanks to Kooch County for getting that done so quickly!

Photo Credit: Clementson Resort. Thanks Gail!


The river is open almost to Frontier.  The Birchdale landing was cleaned out to ALL BOATS as of yesterday morning. 

Photo Credit: The Royal Dutchman. Thanks guys!


Today at 2:00 the river is open 1 mile away from Birchdale!!  Won't be too long now.



As of last night it was open about 7 miles away from Birchdale yet.  I did read  that it opened a bit more, closer to 5 miles away now.  I will be checking tomorrow.


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